Đồ bơi tốt nhất cho hình dạng của bạn là gì?

Tháng Sáu 29, 2020

Đồ bơi tốt nhất cho hình dạng của bạn là gì?

Summer is here and with that comes long, hot days outside. Whether you’re spending it at home, but catching some rays outdoors or your heading to the beach, perhaps you have a vacation planned poolside, whatever you’re doing, you need to look your best. With that in mind, for many women, finding the right swimwear can be tiresome. There are styles you love the look of but they might not suit you. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is the key here. So, Satin Boutique has come up with a list of the best type of swimwear for all shapes, when you pick out the right type for you, you’ll automatically know that you look sensational and you’ll feel confident all day long!

  • You Want to Elongate Your Legs

To give the illusion of longer legs, you need to choose a swimsuit style (or bikini) that’s high-cut. Something that is narrow at the front and sculpted around the hips but that doesn’t cut the leg area too short. This Backless Deep V Swimsuit does just that, it’s high-cut at the sides and gives your legs the look you want, so they look endless! The dark shade of black is also extra slimming, shop yours here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/swim-suits/products/womens-backless-monokini-deep-v-one-piece-cut-out-swimsuit

  • For Pear Shapes

You have a slim top half but your hips are slightly larger which means you need a swimsuit or bikini that balances your body and draws attention to your waist area. This sexy Monokini one-piece also pushes up your boobs, this makes a difference plus the top is more covered up, so creating an hourglass effect. The waist area features a knot so draws the eye, giving you a smaller looking waist. Shop it here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/swim-suits/products/womens-cut-out-sexy-one-piece-push-up-monokini-swimsuit

  • For Athletic Shapes

You might want to look more feminine, so choose something really pretty to soften a very muscular physique. A one-shoulder swimsuit will show off your toned shoulders while making you look every inch a beauty and bring out a softer, girly look. Shop our one-shoulder Monokini swimsuit here (it’s available in sky blue, khaki and purple): https://satin-boutique.com/collections/swim-suits/products/womens-one-shoulder-sexy-one-piece-monokini-swimsuit

  • For Large Busts

You don’t want to hide your curves but you do want them to look their best so choose something with some underwiring and sculpting built in. This bra-shape Belted Swimsuit gives you uplift while shaping your bust so it look fantastic! Available in white (great with a tan), Shop it here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/swim-suits/products/womens-belted-bodysuit-one-piece-push-up-monokini-swimsuit

  • To Hide Large Arms

This swimsuit does just that while looking delectable too and it’s a sexy piece that draws the eye towards the arms while slimming them down. With puffed, short sleeves and an off-the-shoulder style, it’s the ultimate Bardot swimsuit: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/swim-suits/products/womens-classy-monokini-one-piece-swimsuit-a-bodysuit-with-short-sleeves

  • For Sexy, Generous Curves

If you feel self-conscious (and you shouldn’t, we say if you’ve got it, flaunt it!). Choose any swimsuit you like but complement it with a beautiful cover-up that’s light weight and hides whatever area you don’t like. This Bohemian Leopard Print long chiffon cardigan-style is exactly what you want, wrap it round you when you feel you want to but open it up when you’re lying down catching that delicious sun. Shop it here: https://satin-boutique.com/collections/cover-ups/products/womens-sexy-bohemian-leopard-print-long-cardigan-chiffon-cover-up

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